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Thread Face Lift

Thread Face Lift

Pause the visible signs of ageing.

At Illuminate Cosmetic Medicine, Dr Adam offers a range of non-surgical facelift options to halt the signs of ageing by creating a more youthful, refreshed appearance*. The most popular one of these is the thread lift; a safe non-surgical procedure for the face or neck.

What is a Thread Lift?

This relatively new technique in cosmetic medicine creates a lift at deeper levels of the skin. By doing this, the procedure is able to produce amazing results*.

It is commonly used to raise sagging skin on the face, smooth out ageing skin, soften lines around the mouth and nose and remove wrinkles. When performed by experienced medical professionals such as Dr Adam, the end result can be comparable to a traditional facelift*.


What does the procedure involve?

The procedure sounds potentially more complex than it actually is, but the premise works on elevating and realigning tissue under the skin and supporting them in a sling fashion with small dissolvable thread.

Following discussions with you – where we identify the desired outcome – the procedure involves placing threads under the skin surface (under local anaesthetic) using a long hollow needle. The first step in the process is to elevate and re-position the skin and tissues to where they belong. Once they are in position, a fine needle is inserted under the skin allowing us to pass a thread through. Whilst the needle is removed, the thread remains, helping to anchor the tissues in their new position.

Over a period of around 12 months, the threads dissolve, but due to the associated supportive scaffolding, the rejuvenating effect is generally maintained for several years before another procedure is required*.


Why Choose Illuminate for Thread Face Lift?

At Illuminate, Dr Adam offers a few types of Thread Lift options for both face and body. Each technique and product offers unique advantages, so the best way to determine which of these great procedures is right for you, is to speak with Dr. Adam in person.

The thread lift is designed to preserve and enhance the natural contour of the face while creating long lasting extremely effective facial rejuvenation*.

The thread lift procedure is minimally invasive and quite delicate. For this reason you should only have this procedure performed by an experienced and qualified cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Adam, who has helped many others.

Brow Lift

Browlift with threads 4 threads double needles.

Cheek Tweak

This is a double needled thread technique, with one double needle on each side. Entry point is at the hairline and the exit is at the most medial part of the cheek.

Malar Mound

This is where the front of the cheek is lifted using 3 free floating threads on each side

Cheek Crosslinking

6 threads are inserted in a woven pattern on both sides.

Crosslinking on arms, thighs, abdomen

Price depends on type and number of threads used.

Thread Butt Lift

Illuminate also offers thread lift procedures designed to augment the shape of the buttocks. These Thread Butt Lift procedures follow the same basic steps as a Thread Lift for the face. The goal of a Thread Butt Lift is to increase the roundness of the buttocks and to provide noticeable “lift” to the rear end in order to improve the overall profile.

Thread Butt Lift procedures are often accompanied by Sculptra Butt Lift injections in order to provide the best results possible. The injected threads work to create and reinforce structures within the butt, increasing the size and roundness where desired. The results will last for a significant amount of time. Talk to us for more information

The look you want is waiting for you.

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