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PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy

A natural, subtle and lasting change.

PRP Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a revolutionary and relatively new cosmetic treatment that has a wide variety of uses. to date, PRP has achieved amazing results in facial rejuvenation, body sculpting and hair loss*.

In fact, this treatment has successfully helped hundreds to thousands of people eliminate wrinkles, lines and folds in the skin. The improvement is both natural and subtle, lasting up to two years after the initial treatment regime*.

What is PRP Therapy?

PRP involves the use of blood plasma (the part of our blood rich in platelets), enriched through a special process to increase the concentration of your own platelets. These platelets contain bioactive proteins and growth factors that serve to accelerate tissue repair and regeneration whilst activating stem cells.


What does the procedure involve?

The most popular application for PRP is facial rejuvenation.

This non-surgical, age-defying treatment is simple and relatively safe. Initially, an amount of blood is taken (the same as a blood test) and spun in a centrifuge machine. This separates the blood and plasma from each other.

The platelet rich plasma derived from your own blood is then reinjected or spread over your skin (depending on the treatment type needed), stimulating collagen production and cell migration, resulting in fresh, healthy, younger looking skin*. Platelets also release growth factors which stimulate stem cells to repair and produce new healthy tissue.


Why Choose Illuminate for PRP Therapy?

Our specialist team at Illuminate use the latest technologies in skin rejuvenation and cosmetic surgery. At Illuminate we use the newest PRP Technology and have achieved some truly amazing results with PRP therapy*.

Our recommended treatment regime is being treated once monthly, for three to four months. We tailor packages unique to each person’s individual goals and desires.

Low Risk

PRP Therapy uses your own blood so there is little to no risk of allergic reaction. PRP contains approximately 5 – 8 times the normal concentration of platelets in your own blood.

Clinical Proven

Collagen production, stem cell growth factors and tissue regeneration is stimulated over 2-3 weeks to naturally reduce or eliminate lines, folds & wrinkles.

No downtime

There is little or no swelling, bruising or lumping.
PRP Therapy can be used to treat all body areas without side effects*.

The look you want is waiting for you.

Disclaimer: The examples and results shown and discussed on this website are examples only. We advise that all results vary from individual to individual. The information provided on and through this website is designed to be informational only and in no way replaces medical advice. Do not use this website as a substitute for medical advice. Please always seek consultation with a qualified medical practitioner.

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