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Lip Enhancements

Lip Enhancements

Find your lips at their fullest with lip Injections

Full, luscious lips are commonly known as a symbol of youth, beauty and sensuality among women. The ideal lip appearance consists of a full upper lip that partially covers the upper teeth when your mouth is slightly open.

In fact, Ancient Egyptian records show they believed there was a golden ratio between the upper and bottom lip. This they claimed was 1: 1.618, or in more layman terms, the upper lip should be smaller than the lower lip. Interestingly, this ratio is still used today.

Whether you want to subtly adjust your lip’s appearance, or create fuller, plumper lips, the Illuminate team can deliver results that meet your specific needs*. And we are confident, if you decide to do lip enhancement with fillers, you might just find yourself wanting to be in front of the camera a bit more!

What are lip fillers?

Lip fillers are made up of Hyaluronic Acid that is found in the body and their main role is to attract water and provide hydration to the skin. They are injected into the lips to subtly enhance lip volume, softness and smoothness as well as restore symmetry and fill out lines and wrinkles in the skin and surrounding lips.


What does a lip enhancement procedure involve?

Numbing creams and ice are used to numb the area to be treated, before the filler is injected to add volume to the lips. Treatment at Illuminate involves injecting 0.8ml – 1.2ml initially into your lips and reviewing the result in six weeks’ time. Normally, the process is repeated twice depending on patients’ satisfaction.

Although pain is usually minimal, the Fillers used at Illuminate have a built in anaesthetic (so there is no need for a painful anaesthetic block) which helps with any discomfort. Following the procedure, you will experience minor swelling for approximately one to two days. In some cases, mild swelling and bruising may persist for up to one week.

To allow your body to fully recover, we advise you to avoid wearing make-up for the first 24 hours following the procedure.


What changes can be made with the procedure?

The procedure varies depending on the goals of your procedure*. You might benefit from an increase in lip volume, lip reshaping, or wrinkle correction for rejuvenation of the mouth area. Areas of the lips that can be corrected with lip fillers are:

  • Shape of the lips
  • Size of the lips
  • Border of the lips
  • Skin of the lips
  • Projection of the lips.

Feel more confident

With no need to use multiple cosmetic products each day, you may feel more confident*.

Enhanced Shape

Lip enhancement adds volume and defines the borders and symmetry of the lips.

Remove smoker’s lines

Reduce the appearance of smokers’ lines around your mouth.

Reduce signs of ageing

Reduce fine lines & wrinkles around the mouth.

Look more youthful

Lifts the lips so they have a youthful upward appearance.

Long lasting results

Results last approximately from six to twelve months.

The look you want is waiting for you.

Disclaimer: The examples and results shown and discussed on this website are examples only. We advise that all results vary from individual to individual. The information provided on and through this website is designed to be informational only and in no way replaces medical advice. Do not use this website as a substitute for medical advice. Please always seek consultation with a qualified medical practitioner.

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