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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Please note: individual results may vary. Please review our Disclaimer for more information

An effective and natural way to get your hair back

Unlike other hair transplant techniques, FUE guarantees that there will be no scarring, in fact the recovery time from the surgery will be much quicker as well. This procedure is so versatile, that it can even be used by younger people and those with tighter scalps.

Gentlemen, Say Goodbye to Hereditary Hair Loss

The best part is, the results are permanent so you’ll be able to style and shape your hair as you please.

You no longer need to worry about becoming bald like your old man. With Dr Adam, FUE hair transplants are easily completed with minimal fuss.

In fact, post-surgery, you can be back to your normal day to day activities in 2 days time.

The procedure is performed at our fully accredited day surgery facility located in Sydney.


Ladies, Thick and Healthy Hair is no Longer a Dream

This thorough procedure will ensure that you will no longer need to worry about losing your hair.

Whether you choose to wear your hair short or long, with an FUE hair transplant, you can take pride in the effort that Dr Adam will take to restore your natural look, and you won’t regret it.

After all, you only get one head of hair, so why not give it the best?


Stunning, Full and Shapely Eyebrows?

A prominent feature of your face, your eyebrows play in important role in framing your face, emphasising your eyes, and give more depth to your facial expressions.

However through repeated plucking, medical side effects, trauma, or bad genetics, your eyebrows often thin out, become uneven and lose their natural shape.

With FUE, you can restore the natural and full appearance of your eyebrows and enjoy the fact that they will always grow in the perfect shape, permanently.

This quick procedure will reshape your eyebrows to your desire and accentuate the attractiveness of your face.


Why Choose Illuminate for Hair Transplant?

Dr Adam is an expert in body reshaping procedures and he is also one of Sydney’s premier cosmetic surgeons.

He graduated his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery with Honours and was granted an honorary scholarship from the University of New South Wales. Dr Adam has previously spent six weeks in Turkey, a country well renowned as having pioneers and leaders in hair transplant procedures and is one of the few experts in Sydney who successfully treat hair loss.

Dr Adam is an Australian trained Cosmetic surgeon and has performed over 2000 successful operations.During your consultation, Dr Adam will spend time with you to identify and examine your desired goals before any recommendations are given.

You will receive an honest and professional opinion on whether Follicular Unit Extraction is for you, and whether we can help you achieve your goals. Only when you and Dr Adam are both happy, will we proceed with recommending the Follicular Unit Extraction to you.

The look you want is waiting for you.

Disclaimer: Prior to considering any cosmetic surgery procedure, it is advised that you learn about the procedure from your cosmetic surgeon. When you visit Illuminate Cosmetic Medicine, Dr Adam Najem will explain the procedure to you including the risks involved and the realistic results that could be obtained from the procedure. 

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