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Excessive Sweating

Excessive Sweating

More comfort in your own skin.

Reduce excessive sweating the non-surgical way.

Excessive sweating, also called hyperhidrosis, is a common problem. Patients suffering from this unfortunate ailment may often sweat up to four to five times more than normal, far exceeding what is needed to regulate body temperature.

Sadly, if left untreated, the result is not always just embarrassing sweat stains, but can, over time, lead to loss of confidence.

How do excessive sweating injections work?

There are a number of different causes but the most common is genetics. Severe underarm sweating may be exacerbated by stress, emotion or exercise, but often occurs spontaneously. The sweat reduction treatment is minimally invasive and treats the symptoms of severe underarm sweating when medicines used on the skin do not work well enough in people 18 years and older.


How does the procedure work?

Depending on the severity of the problem our doctor may do an iodine starch test where they will wipe the affected area followed by applying cornstarch powder. This will show exactly where the sweating problem exists. The treatment involves using muscle-relaxing injections that are delivered directly into the sweat gland. These tiny injections will block the chemical signals that activate the sweat glands. The treatment is not permanent and may require regular treatments over time to reduce excessive sweating, however, in most cases, a reduction in sweating of up to 90% can be expected*.


Come in for a consultation and understand how we can help.

All patients are consulted and treated by one of our trained professionals who are experts in using minimally invasive techniques as an alternative to surgical procedures. At Illuminate, we use only the best and most effective treatment methods.

Anti-sweating injections are a revolution in the treatment of hyperhidrosis and are a safer and more reliable way to treat hyperhidrosis compared to traditional surgical techniques such as nerve ablation or sweat gland excision.

Feel more confident

No more embarrassment when you are out enjoying yourself in social situations

Simple & Safe

Quick procedure lasting a total of 30 minutes. Injections have a well-documented safety profile.

Lasting effects

Sweating is reduced by 90% with results from one treatment lasting for between 5 – 10 months*.

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